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In the moment planning

In today's world, uncertainty is an inevitable principle. Show the best reaction to any change at the best time.


Stay focused on your goals

When goals flow into an organization, people focus on the organization's priorities.

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Everything with greater transparency

People who are aware of the organization's priorities and their role in achieving it are more motivated to achieve the goals.


Achieve optimum results

Regular reviews of goals and people's involvement in setting priorities for the organization will result in greater results.

Why Pointer cloud service?

In the moment planning

Pointer software can adapt to changing conditions and respond to changes in the shortest possible time.

Transparency of responsibilities and roles

In the Pointer software, each person is aware of her role, trying to advance the organization's objectives and achieve them.

Keeping a history of everything

No data is lost in the Pointer software. All activities are available for the given date.

Stopping and restarting objectives without affecting the computation of scores

With Pointer software you can start or stop the program at any time without disturbing the performance evaluation of the goals.

Suitable for any organizational structure of any size

Any organization can manage its objectives with Pointer software and plan to achieve the best results.

Identifying and setting goals is easier than ever

In Pointer software, targeting is simply done by eliminating methodological complexities and theoretical techniques and gain a better understanding of the results by viewing perceptible outputs.

Cloud Pricing Plan


Best option if you're new to OKR and a Small & medium-sized company


Great for large companies that need additional control and support.

    On premise

    Suitable for organizations that desire keeps all of this IT environment onsite either managed by themselves

      Software Performance

      ُُُStep1 - Planning and setting objectives

      The planning process is based on the strategic objectives and priorities of the organization to evaluate the organizational unit and sub-units and objectives are defined at the organizational, departmental, and individual levels based on the degree of importance

      ُStep2- Helping the organization break down macro objectives to key results

      By breaking down the organization's objectives into several smaller objectives and their key results, operational actions can be defined for teams, offices, and individuals

      ُStep3- Determining actions and activities and proceeding them

      To achieve the objectives and key results, a set of measurable actions are defined including programs and activities. In this regard, the efforts of the organization are focused and the regular structure is formed in the organization, however the actions are followed quickly

      ُStep4- Quantify targeting and measure the status of key results

      Introducing monitoring and performance in different parts of the organization, in the shortest possible time, will lead to full control and supervision of the activities and functions of the organization employees

      ُStep5- Awareness of the goals achieved with easy and quick access to accurate reports

      Measuring the performance of activities and checking the progress of each activity at specific time intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly) is set to evaluate the effectiveness and success of achieving objectives


      Everything you need to know about Objectives & Key Results

      Objectives and Key Results FAQs

      سوالات متداول در مورد اهداف و نتایج کلیدی (OKR ها) (همه چیز پاسخ داده می شود!)

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      OKR is a goal setting framework

      OKR چارچوب تنظیم هدف برای تفکر بزرگ

      اهداف و نتایج کلیدی (OKR)، با ایجاد اهداف و نتایج بلندپروازانه که می توان در طی سه ماه آنها ...

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      benefits of using okr

      اهداف و نتایج کلیدی (OKR) چیست؟ 10 مزیت اصلی استفاده از آن

      اگر در مورد منفعت اهداف و نتایج کلیدی (Objectives and Key Results) برای تیم یا سازمان خود مطمئن نیستید، ...

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      تاریخچه مختصری از اهداف و نتایج کلیدی (OKR)

      آیا درباره OKR ها چیزی شنیده اید؟ آیا می دانید این مفهوم از کجا سرچشمه می گیرد؟ اگر از ...

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      The Strategist’s Guide - OKR is a strategic framework

      OKR: راهنمای استراتژیست ها

      در مورد چارچوب OKR و چگونگی قرار گرفتن آن در طیف سیستم های مدیریت استراتژی بیاموزید. بیایید با تاریخچه ...

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      Comparing OKRs vs. KPIs is an apples and oranges discussion

      مقایسه OKR و KPI بحث سیب و پرتقال است

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